One of life's most beautiful experiences come from giving to others who cannot do for themselves, it's such an honor and a joy to be able to contribute to the following organizations.

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We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we GIVE"

Winston Churchill

Animal Asia / Bear Sanctuaries

We operate bear sanctuaries in China and Vietnam where bears are rehabilitated and cared for and where our bear teams gather vital evidence of the effects of bile extraction.Our world-class bear rescue centres in Chengdu, China and Tam Dao, Vietnam provide the bears with comfortable dens and semi-natural enclosures where they are able to recover in safety and spend the remaining years of their lives in the company of other bears. To date, 400 farmed bears have been received into our care....Read More.


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Mama D Feeds The Homeless / Los Angeles

The purpose of this program is not only to provide a hot meal on a Sunday morning, but also to revitalize those in need of comfort, support, and consistency. On Sunday, representing the first day of the week, and breakfast, the first meal of the day, we come to create new opportunities of abundance for those who have lost their way.

The Sanctuary Project

We are a pack of like-minded individuals who believe that dogs are sentient, intelligent beings, quite possibly angels on earth and not at all disposable.  We believe that every single life matters and that BSL is BS.  We anxiously look to the day that barbaric shelter killing is a thing of the past and we do not believe in spay/abort unless the mother's life is in peril.  We are for stiff punishment for animal abusers and great grace for dogs who have been through hell.  We are

currently a foster based program and we believe in the power of love.....

Animal Hope and Wellness

Once learning about the brutal practice of torturing dogs before slaughtering them for meat during the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China, Ching knew that his life would never be the same; but fortunately, neither would the lives of thousands of dogs he has and continues to rescue with each mission he takes to the battlegrounds in Asia. 

Posing as a wealthy American buyer looking to purchase dogs in Asia to exterminate himself, Ching goes undercover to slaughterhouses and secretly videotapes the torture of innocent dogs. A dangerous feat, Ching has often found himself on the other side of guns, machetes, fists and other life-threatening intimidation methods while on these gruelling rescue trips.

Yet while sometimes beaten, but not broken, Ching remains dedicated to the 30 million dogs that The Humane Society estimates are killed across Asia every year as part of the industry, with an estimated 10 million killed in China alone.