A happy life or a happy bank account?

Imagine yourself sitting at a desk, you're in a cubicle or even your own office, your co-workers are typing away (click-clack-click-clack). The AC is blasting and you're always wondering why is it so f*cking cold in this office. The time says 4:50pm and that last ten minutes can't come any sooner, so you browse the internet to see what else you can buy...

At some point in your life, you'll have to ask yourself, "When I'm 90, is this what I want to remember?" Look in the mirror and be honest with where your life is and where it's going. What are your values? A happy life or a happy bank account?

From a gal who has over a decade of experience with having a "real 9-5 day job" working for uber smart structural engineers who've designed building like the Disney Hall, Getty, to hustling off Sunset Blvd in the entertainment world of producing movies and operating editorial studios. I've seen my share of four walls, endless emails and a cell phone that wont shut up, but hey I was paid really well. Blah.

Life is a balance so you can't have an extreme of both, or an extreme of anything for that matter. Something will suffer in that equation. You can't have so much free time that you're not making an income, but if you're spending every minute working you'll miss life and the sunsets pass you by in the blink of an eye. You either want more life or more money. Imagine one of those old school scales, tipping up and down.

What are the things you're willing to do to pay the bills and things that do not serve you (all ego aside). Who has ever had a job that sucks the life from them every...single...day? Yeah, me to. So why don't we all just quit our jobs? Well, easier said than done sister but it IS possible (with proper notice and a plan of course). You see, it's taking away from your mind, body and soul and the beauty you're capable of creating. You cannot be your best self in an environment that does not LIFT YOU UP. In this day and age there's so many ways to make extra money, hustle it girl/boy!

You need a Mantra, sweetie. My mantra for the past two years has been "More Life, Less Work" that has kept me manifesting my days of hiking, cooking breakfast and slowly living.



How about #Goalz? And I don't mean a new years resolution girl, okahhhyy! What's your FINANCIAL goal and what is your LIFE goal? You should have a check list for both, but remember, materials fade but memories and your legacy last forever.

So, is it possible to have a happy life and a happy bank account? Yes. One of my life lessons granted upon me by the all seeing universe was to learn how to ADJUST my mind. I had to adjust what the world represented in this box labeled "Happy Life" and "Happy Bank Account". I had to rewire my way of thinking and appreciate the small things in life that millions do not have, like shelter, water, food and safety. The freedom of these things makes the best combination of wealth and happiness. When you do what you love and give to others, that energy comes back ten-fold.

You can always get money but you can't get time.

All love.

Elizabeth Di Prinzio




Elizabeth Diprinzio